CNC Operator is in-charge of the CNC/PLC machinery with the responsibility for the daily output of the machinery including the programming required. He will ensure the quality of fabrication, its conformity to job design and its adherence to company practices and standards.

  • Determining the sequence of machine operations and selecting the proper cutting tools needed to machine work pieces that meet specifications. 
  • Performing parts layout and programming of CNC machines, including notching/coping machines to accurately produce parts. 
  • Reviewing CAD drawings for accuracy and machinability. 
  • Inspecting stock to ensure pieces are the correct stock and to check for imperfections or quality concerns.
  • Mounting, installing, aligning, and securing tools, attachments, fixtures, and material on machines. 
  • Measuring dimensions of finished products to ensure conformance with specifications. 
  • Maintaining documentation on all required drawing corrections and on all vendor communication regarding specific part fabrication. 
  • Performing daily and regular cleaning and light maintenance tasks on CNC machinery, to include monitoring machines during operation to detect potential issues. 
  • Adhering to all relevant health and safety regulations and perform work practices that are safe. 
  • Adhering to company policies and rules across fabrication. 
  • He will create the training manuals, when required and undertake timely retraining exercises for his staff.

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