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Living Area

A serene living room with perfectly designed to optimize socializing with family & friends and feel content. We have Solutions for every family's preferences.


Life would indeed be more pleasant with your rooms organized and all your belongings more accessible and arranged, just the way you like it.

Other Area

Providing Multipurpose Solutions. A suitable space that reflects connections with miscellaneous domestic portions.

Who we are?

Welcome to Creative Closets.
Creative Closets® was founded in Saudi Arabia in 1997, both introducing the concept and defining the custom closet to the Middle East. By continuing to set new standards in craftsmanship, innovation, and customer care, we have become the region’s leading manufacturer of storage solutions with Ten showrooms in the Middle East, and North Africa. We are committed to excellence in customer service by maintaining a high standard of employee care and supplier relations.

Walk-In Closets

Walk-in to your world. Consider it a mini-room with designated space for every item. The doors, drawers, multiple accessory and lightning options combined with refined quality control create a space that elevates your mood every day. It is your world.
  • 25 years warranty
  • High-end material quality
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Reach In Closets

A reach-in closet is a perfect combination of space and style, as it has Drawers, Shelves, combined with varying measures of hanging rods, providing you with multiple options for lining up the clothes, shoes and even accessories.
  • 25 years warranty
  • High-end material quality
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There is no excuse for your laundry area to not be in alignment with your home. We enable you to have a perfect laundry layout where you can access adjustable shelves and drawers that fit for your needs. A cosy set-up with plentiful racks, cabinets and multi-purpose spaces enhance the functionality of the portion.
  • 25 years warranty
  • High-end material quality
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Why Creative Closets?


Continuous innovation of new products.


Exceptional craftsmanship combining splendor and durability.


Widest range of premium quality woods, finishes, handles and accessories.


Commitment to complete customer service and total satisfaction.


25-year Warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee.


Dismantling, moving and re-installing upon customer's request (for a fee).