Let your beauty inspire your surroundings

The Makeup room is what caters to your beauty needs with absolute storage solutions for your precious make-up and stylish adornments. It creates a savouring environment for you, allowing you to beautify yourself with elegance.
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Innovative Storage Options

Store every piece of your makeup and accessories with ease in a collection of innovative drawers and hanging areas, giving you a remarkable experience that inspires you to put on the perfect makeup for your mood and style.

Beauty and Comfort

A comfort chair facing the mirror to ensure your bodily needs. With decorative mouldings and hanging options, your space turns into flawless, organized heaven.

Designed to be Yours

Choose the design that reflects your character and inspires you the most through a limitless collection of design ideas and examples. your makeup, your room, your style.

Enlightens Your Beauty

Mirror tables with essential lightning allowing you to put-on perfect make-up. The multiple mirror sizes and spotlight shades bring about a delightful environment.

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Why Creative Closets?


Continuous innovation of new products.


Exceptional craftsmanship combining splendor and durability.


Widest range of premium quality woods, finishes, handles and accessories.


Commitment to complete customer service and total satisfaction.


25-year Warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee.


Dismantling, moving and re-installing upon customer's request (for a fee).