Welcome to Creative Closets. We are dedicated to crafting high-quality cabinets tailored to your design preferences. Please take a moment to review our terms and conditions to understand our commitment to excellence and the mutual responsibilities we share to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Terms and Conditions:

A.  The company commits to manufacturing the cabinets as per the designs attached and approved by the client. Note that the company’s products do not include a wooden background or base, either one of them or both can be added at the client’s request for an additional cost based on measurements and design.

B.  The client confirms that they have reviewed, understood, and approved the details of the designs presented by the sales engineer, signing off on all pages. The client also approves the type and color of wood, accessories, components, and supplies indicated in the design, acknowledging that they meet their requirements and needs. Accordingly, the client agrees to begin the manufacturing process.

C. The client is responsible for preparing the installation site fourteen days before the scheduled date:

The site must be dry, dust-free, and accessible to workers from 8 AM to 10 PM, according to:

  • The working conditions of the installation team. The working hours may change during Ramadan and holidays and will be agreed upon with the client in advance.
  • The building’s floor must be ready, and electrical connections must be available for lighting purposes and operating the equipment.
  • Identifying the locations of electrical connections and water pipes at the installation site to avoid any damage. The company is not responsible for damages resulting from the lack of accurate information about the locations of these utilities.

D.  The installation process includes securing a metal strip holder for the cabinet with screws into walls and floors. If the client wishes to move the cabinet, relocate it, or cancel the contract with the company for any reason, the company is not obligated to repair any resulting holes or damages. If the client requests product modification before or after installation, this will require additional costs and a new quotation.

E.  If it is found that the building needs any repairs or modifications, the client is responsible for them at their own expense.

F.  If the client wishes to change the installation date, they must notify the company at least seven days in advance.

G.  The company reserves the right to accept or refuse partial installation.

H.  The company is not responsible for reinstalling the closets if they are dismantled by another party, and the warranty will be voided.

I.  If the client requests to cancel the contract after setting the installation date, the company is committed to refunding the amount paid by the client, deducting 30% of the contract value.

J.  The company commits to installing marble only once. The company is not responsible for the dismantling and reinstallation of marble once more. If the products are dismantled and reinstalled outside the city, the company is not responsible for transporting the products to the new site; transportation is the client’s responsibility.

K.  If the company sells any other items from local suppliers under a separate quotation for the second party, such as electrical appliances, marble, or any items not included in this contract, the company is not responsible for delays in their arrival or unavailability with the primary supplier. In this case, the client has the right to request a refund of the amount paid for those items, and the company is not obligated to secure replacements.

L.  If the client requests to dismantle, relocate, or reinstall the products elsewhere during the warranty period, this will require an additional cost equal to 20% of the contract value, with a minimum charge of 2500 SAR , excluding any additions or modifications. If the client requests design modifications or any additions, this will be subjected to the company’s approval and the availability of materials at that time.

M.  If the client requests to dismantle or install products after the warranty period has expired, the company will provide a new quotation after evaluating the condition of the products and estimating the additional costs or repairs that may result from the dismantling, transportation, or installation.

N.  The company is not obligated to extend mixer hoses to wall faucets, install kitchen sink drains, electrical appliance connections, or ceiling and wall exhaust ducts. The client must hire specialists to perform the necessary installations and extensions at their own expense.

O.  The client is responsible for any goods stored by the company at the work site in case of loss or damage. Therefore, the client is fully responsible and must provide a suitable storage space for the goods or materials until the installation date if the site is not ready for installation.

P.  If the second party brings accessories, electrical materials, plumbing materials, marble, etc., not included in the basic kitchen from other suppliers, the second party is fully responsible for their quality, type, receipt date, and compatibility with the basic kitchen and all related consequences. The first party is not responsible for any defect, delay, or incompatibility of these materials and is not obligated to install them.

Q.  The client acknowledges that the illustrative images used in the catalog, models, or other materials for electrical appliances are not exact replicas but approximate images used for clarification. Therefore, the company does not guarantee complete conformity between the models and images on one hand and their actual appearance on the other.

Terms of Payment:

A.  The client is required to pay an initial deposit of at least 15% of the total contract value, including VAT, immediately upon signing the contract.

B.  The client must complete a minimum of 50% of the contract value before the manufacturing of the products is approved.

C.  The client must pay the full contract value (100%) at least ten days before the installation date. If the client delays the final payment beyond the specified date, the company has the right to reschedule the installation based on available dates in the installation schedule.

D.  The client must receive a payment voucher (tax advance invoice) from the company for each payment.

E.  The company has the right to consider the advance payment mentioned in clause (A) of article (3) as a non-refundable deposit if the client wishes to terminate the contract after a period of 18 months.

F.  In the case of contract cancellation after measurements have been taken, the client will be responsible for covering the transportation costs of the site inspector (500 SAR) within major cities of the showrooms, (1500 SAR) outside the major cities.

G.  If the client has paid the full contract amount and has not allowed the company to deliver the products, and a period of 180 days has passed from the agreed installation date, the company will store the products at the client’s expense at a rate of 1% of the contract value, up to a maximum of 10% of the contract value. The client is responsible for paying for any repairs that may be needed due to storage damage, and the company does not guarantee the product in its warehouses after 12 months from the manufacturing date.

H.  If more than 12 months have passed from the date the client was notified by the company that the products are ready for installation without any response from the client, the client agrees to the company selling the product and authorizes the company to proceed with the sale to recover the remaining contract value. The client bears any financial costs required for the sale process.

I.  If clause (3/H) of this contract is applied, and there is an increase in the product’s market price at the time of sale, the remaining amount will be returned to the client. If the sale price does not cover the contract value, the client is responsible for the remaining balance.

J.  VAT is an integral part of the contract value, and the client is obligated to pay it in full according to the regulations and laws in force in Saudi Arabia. Any change in the tax value by the state, whether an increase or decrease, is binding on both parties.

Warranty and Return:

A.  The company guarantees the manufactured and installed products for the client for 25 years for wooden cabinets and accessories, and 10 years for kitchens and accessories, starting from the completion date of the installation and the client’s or their representative’s signature on the delivery acknowledgment, excluding mirrors, glass, leather, fabric, electrical work, marble, basins and their contents, and electrical appliances, as well as any damage resulting from misuse or exposure to unusual weather conditions such as high temperature, humidity, and water leakage.

B.  The warranty on lighting is valid for two years only from the date of installation.

C.  Maintenance, replacement, or changes during the warranty period will be based on the materials available at the company at that time. The company does not guarantee the availability of the same materials used at the time of installation. If there are defects in the materials from which the product is made or in the way it is manufactured that the client discovers during the warranty period, the company commits to appropriate repairs of the damaged parts only according to its schedule. The company may change the specifications and accessories that need replacement during the warranty period as required by advancements in the field and is not responsible for ensuring the same models and specifications are available after they have been changed or discontinued, but guarantees installing similar parts with the same specifications and quality.

D.  The warranty does not apply in case of any damage or defect resulting from misuse. This includes, but is not limited to, the kitchen being exposed to shocks and scratches, using inappropriate household cleaners, exposure to high heat, the kitchen wood being exposed to water excessively, neglect in maintenance and delays, as well as any modifications, installations, or painting of the kitchen or any part of it by any party not affiliated with the company.

E.  Any parts outside the basic kitchen scope (electrical appliances, plumbing materials, marble, etc.) provided by either party through local suppliers are subjected to the primary supplier’s warranty and terms. The client must contact them directly without referring to the company.

F.  No products or parts of them can be returned after 30 days from the completion of installation.

G.  If the client requests to cancel the contract after starting the installation, the company has the right to deduct 50% of the contract value. If the client requests to modify the design by canceling parts of the product before or after installation, the company has the right to deduct 40% of the value of the canceled part.

H.  In case of the agreement on contract cancellation, bank fees are deducted from the refunded amount based on the bank transaction (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) according to the type of each transaction.

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